Holly Health

Largs Medical Group has partnered with Holly Health to offer patients 12 months of free habit coaching (to help sleep, exercise, eating and mental wellbeing). The app may serve as an extra tool to help you feel physically and mentally better.

All patients registered with LMG can now enjoy a year’s free access to Holly Health, a fantastic mobile app that can support them to make small, achievable changes that could help boost their health and wellbeing.

Using a compassionate, personalised approach tailored to their own health goals, interests and activities, the app can help reduce stress and anxiety, rebuild relationships with food, increase exercise and movement and improve sleep.

Holly Health assists in making small but consistent changes to daily behaviours, helping to build healthier habits and promoting mindfulness.

In-app coaching is available through a supportive chat bot system, with friendly, motivational reminders by text or email to keep patients on the right track.

The app also contains a wealth of useful articles and videos that individuals can browse at their leisure.

Patients will initially enjoy 12 months’ free access to the app. You can sign up by visiting the Holly Health webpage –  http://hly.app/largs-gp

What’s the Evidence?

Holly Health has been used in over 100 GP Practices and from a survey of users, before sign-up and after 8 wks, they quote “statistically significant physical and mental health outcomes across all categories.”

You can sign up here: http://hly.app/largs-gp